CASE STORY | Project EnPrep Video #4

“Not because we are women, we don’t have capacities. We can also contribute something to help our community.”

Jaeza, Cagay DPC Member

CASE STORY | Project EnPrep Video #4

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CAGAY, ROXAS CITY – A women-led DPC from Barangay Cagay, Roxas City showed the fruit of their Survivor and Community-Led Response (SCLR) Project: a kubo that shall serve as a temporary shelter during flooding and a herbal garden as a source of traditional remedies for common ills experienced by the community.

The SCLR projects are initiatives spearheaded by members of PCDR’s beneficiary communities. Under PCDR’s Enhancing Disaster Preparedness for Effective Response (EnPrep) Project supported by Johanniter International Assistance and Aktion Deutschland Hilft, community members formulated projects that directly address their community’s problem and capacitated themselves through directly managing their project’s implementation.

This project, a genuine manifestation of community-based disaster management, empowered community members by having them directly manage their project’s formulation until its implementation.//

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