CASE STORY | Project EnPrep Video #2

“When it comes to trainings on rescues [and first aid], they would usually give it to men. But now, I can say to myself that… I was part of the training though I am a woman.”

Grace Silva, Catungan II DPC Head

CASE STORY | Project EnPrep Video #2

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SIBALOM, ANTIQUE – DPC members Dolorosa Cabrillos, Shella Silva, and Grace Silva of Barangay Catungan II, Sibalom, Antique shared their past experiences on being struck by disastrous flooding in their community and reflected on the importance of the various capacity-building activities they went through.

Through PCDR’s Enhancing Disaster Preparedness for Effective Response (EnPrep) Project supported by Johanniter International Assistance and Aktion Deutschland Hilft, community members from new areas such as Catungan II became recipients of trainings that primarily forwarded the Community-Based Disaster Management. This approach puts into focus the grassroots experiences of the community in managing and mitigating disasters.

 Through Project EnPrep this approach was maximized through various trainings, allowing community members to see their role in collectively making their communities resilient.//

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